• diy

    Wooden plant stands

    Simple but stable stands for plant pots. Preparation and materials: pine scantlings 2×2 cm 4cm wood screws wood glue stain clamps screwdriver hand saw The first step is sanding the wood, cut the parts and make holes for screws. The base of the stand is glued and screwed. The screw holes are hidden by shafts with a diameter of 10mm. One layer of the stain is applied.

  • diy

    Wood and epoxy resin jewellery

    Beautiful handmade wooden jewellery with epoxy resin. Earrings, necklace and brooch. Preparations and materials: pieces of hard wood, preferably exotic, e.g. zebrano, amazaque, ebony, rosewood or black oak epoxy resin with a hardener (I’ve used Epidian 652) and dyes accessories for earrings, hooks, clasps water-based sandpaper from 200 to 5000 polishing paste for resins The wood blocks should be broken into an interesting structure. You can use silicone molds or cover the wood with tape to form a tight form. Pour the resin and hardener into cups in a 2: 1 weight ratio, and then add a few drops of the dye. Mix everything thoroughly. Pour over the mold and…

  • music

    Rah Pitia – Woods / Waking of the Sun

    „Woods/Waking of the Sun” is a ritualistic representation of fears accompanying human race from the dawn of history – a story about difficult relationship between man and nature. Is human being a coherent mosaic of body and soul? How much of the primal, natural energy is still within us?

  • music

    Rah Pitia – Adyton

    Rah Pitia first demo cd, released in 2015. Recorded in the rehearsal room in Poznań in one night. “Adyton” is a one-of-a-kind story. A musical journey throughout musical, literary, historical and even spiritual inspirations, set in form of stoner and psychedelic rock. Downloadable for free in Bandcamp: https://rahpitia.bandcamp.com/album/adyton-ep Extended Adyton EP contains 3 live tracks! Home recording at rehearsal room:

  • music

    Rah Pitia

    Amazing experience being a guitarist in the rock band. Psychedelic-stoner-rock to be specific. That journey lasted a couple of years and ended with two demo cd's, a lot of gigs and even more great memories. RAH PITIA is a mirage – a restless storm of psychedelic, often unexplainable depths of the other, lesser known side of human existence.

  • diy

    Book nook – mini library

    3D printed project, hand painted with led lights. Perfect gift for all book lovers. Especially when mini library matches real books on shelf. Preparation and materials: 3d printed elements small standard brushes black mat spray vallejo acrylic paints Elements of the model were covered with a black spray as a base for the target colors. Then the main colors were painted with paints, e.g. brick-colored walls and a brown floor, and then shaded to obtain a real surface texture. The next step was to paint the books in different colors and add inscriptions on their spines. The last step was to assemble and glue the walls to the floor and…

  • dev

    Bike Escape [mobile app]

    The first serious project made for the purpose of learning programming. Written in about a year after hours. It was a difficult time, full of new things, but it made me to understand and learn many aspects of programming. The project was almost finished, but in the end I've never release the app. Although the application was never published in GooglePlay or AppStore stores, it was well tested on both type devices and worked fine.