Corner bar cabinet with rotating shelf

Some time ago I saw a corner table from the 70s, created in Świdnicka Fabryka Mebli, and I fell in love immediately. I was thinking of creating such a table from scratch, but decided to buy a used one and do a restoration. This cabinet was quite hard to find, there are literally only a few pieces left on different marketplaces and are in terrible condition. However, I managed to find one in Wrocław.

The table was extremely dirty, scratched, and the rotating mechanism was moving hard.

The first step was to disassemble it and sand the wooden elements. The old stain was already in poor condition, the dirt had penetrated the texture of the wood, and the varnish was peeling off.

Most of the elements was sanded, foam cleaned and then re-stained in light oak color to match the rest of the table’s elements. I bought new legs, very similar to the original, round, black, 20 cm high.
The rotating mechanism has also been sanded and lubricated to keep it running smoothly. The sliding glass was cleaned and made shine.

The whole process was quick and took literally just a few days. The cabinet doesn’t look like brand new, but it’s much better than before. The wood looks very good and the piece of furniture fits perfectly into our living room ????