DSLR camera bag

First attempt at sewing on a machine

For a long time I was looking for a cover for my camera, fitted, made of soft material, resistant to water. One that can be quickly taken off and hung on a belt. I found one model, ordered it, but it turned out to be too small for my camera, which is in the ‘full size dslr camera’ category. I decided to order the fabric and sew it myself 🙂

Materials and tools:

  • basic sewing machine
  • fabric
  • threads and needles
  • buckles

Creating a cover pattern. I started on a thick sheet of paper that I used to cut out the pattern on the fabric. The cover consists of three parts. Same front, back and bottom. Closing is by folding and fastening the buckle.

Sewing left and right side together.

I had to remove some of the filling so that the rolled material wasn’t too thick.

And the final camera bag.