Rah Pitia

Amazing experience being a guitarist in the rock band. Psychedelic-stoner-rock to be specific. That journey lasted a couple of years and ended with two demo cd’s, a lot of gigs and even more great memories.

RAH PITIA is a mirage – a restless storm of psychedelic, often unexplainable depths of the other, lesser known side of human existence.

First cd “Adyton“, released in 2015 as physical cd’s.

Woods / Waking of the Sun“, second demo, with video clip, released in 2016.

Some of gig posters:

And some pictures from concerts:





Karolina Kwiatkowski – vocals
Kajetan Zwolak – bass
Czarek Baka – drums
Tomek Widerkiewicz – guitar
Sebastian Straburzyński – guitar
Jerzy Jarczyński – keys