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    Rah Pitia – Woods / Waking of the Sun

    „Woods/Waking of the Sun” is a ritualistic representation of fears accompanying human race from the dawn of history – a story about difficult relationship between man and nature. Is human being a coherent mosaic of body and soul? How much of the primal, natural energy is still within us?

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    Rah Pitia – Adyton

    Rah Pitia first demo cd, released in 2015. Recorded in the rehearsal room in Poznań in one night. “Adyton” is a one-of-a-kind story. A musical journey throughout musical, literary, historical and even spiritual inspirations, set in form of stoner and psychedelic rock. Downloadable for free in Bandcamp: Extended Adyton EP contains 3 live tracks! Home recording at rehearsal room:

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    Rah Pitia

    Amazing experience being a guitarist in the rock band. Psychedelic-stoner-rock to be specific. That journey lasted a couple of years and ended with two demo cd's, a lot of gigs and even more great memories. RAH PITIA is a mirage – a restless storm of psychedelic, often unexplainable depths of the other, lesser known side of human existence.