Wood and epoxy resin jewellery

Beautiful handmade wooden jewellery with epoxy resin. Earrings, necklace and brooch.

Preparations and materials:

  • pieces of hard wood, preferably exotic, e.g. zebrano, amazaque, ebony, rosewood or black oak
  • epoxy resin with a hardener (I’ve used Epidian 652) and dyes
  • accessories for earrings, hooks, clasps
  • water-based sandpaper from 200 to 5000
  • polishing paste for resins

The wood blocks should be broken into an interesting structure. You can use silicone molds or cover the wood with tape to form a tight form. Pour the resin and hardener into cups in a 2: 1 weight ratio, and then add a few drops of the dye. Mix everything thoroughly.

Pour over the mold and wait 48 hours for the resin to fully cure. Grind to obtain the desired shape. Then sand on sandpaper with water. From a grain size of 200, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 to 5000. Finally, colorless wood oil can be used to highlight the grain and polished with a resin polishing paste.

The last step is to drill a hole and attach the hanging accessories for the earrings and pendant.
The whole thing presents like this and it’s perfect for a gift: